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The Pinnacle of Trippy Tea, the XL tube. Featuring 10g of magic mushrooms per tube, this is our largest capacity product. Each tube contains 5 Keurig K cups with 2g of magic mushrooms per K cup. Trippy Tea combines psychedelics with convenience, in the world’s first Magic mushroom tea available for Keurig machines. There are three flavors to choose from including Lemon Ginger Tea, Roobios Chai Herbal Tea, and Earl Grey Black Tea.

Let the good times roll and be prepared for some outrageous moments, random bouts of uncontrollable laughter and an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness!

Dosage: 10g per tube, 5 Keurig K cups x 2g magic mushrooms

Trip level:

Moderate Dose (1 K cup) – Warped & Kaleidoscopic Visuals, Mild Hallucinations, 3D Closed Eye Visuals, Minor Synesthesia, Distorted Sense of Time, Uncontrollable Laughter, Interconnectedness, Empathy.
Mega Dose (2 K cups) – Heavy Hallucinations, Ego Dissolution, Mild Disconnect from Reality, Complete Loss of Time, Synesthesia, Out of Body Experiences (Not recommended for Beginners)

Heroic Dose (3 K cups) – Complete Altering of Senses, Ego Death, Complete Disconnect from Reality. (Not recommended for Beginners)

1. Pour 12oz of water into your Keurig device

2. Close the lid and press start to begin brewing.

3. The tea will automatically dispense once it’s ready. (3-8 minutes on certain Keurig models with longer steep option)

4.  Add some lemon juice and sugar.

5. Enjoy Responsibly.

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Lemon Ginger, Earl Grey, Roobios Chai


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