Ecuador psilocybe cubensis spore print


The Ecuador psilocybe cubensis is a dependable grower when grown from spores. It’s fruit can grow tall with beautiful caramel brown caps. This Ecuador strain is from the mountains of Ecuador, found on an altitude of 1000 meters. The Ecuador spores are know to colonize fast and around lower temperatures. Need a novice mushroom strain to work with? The Ecuadorian P. cubensis will be the one to get.



Ecuador psilocybe cubensis spore print

Spore prints of Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador – this Cubensis produces very consistent flushes and is easy to grow strain, even for beginners. Before you grow mushrooms from these spores, please read your local regulations. This is laboratory grade product is produced by one of the leading mushroom experts today and is free from contamination. Keep in a clean, cool, dry and dark place.

General information about the Ecuador Psilocybe Cubensis strain:

Origin:  Ecuador
Caps: 20-50+ mm, Caramel brown in color, can have ‘nipple’ on the cap
Stem: 40-150 + mm, Medium to tall in size.White yellow color and dense stem. Turns blue when touched.
Spores: Dark purple brown. 1.5–17 x 8–11 µm, subellipsoid, basidia 4-spored
Substrate: Brown Rice Flour, PF Tek, Rye grain

Ecuador psilocybe cubensis Spore prints

The Ecuador spore prints are made on sterile foil which is put away in sterile zip lock pack and held under refrigerated conditions. Every spore print can have a little scratch of spores eliminated from the print. With this swab a trial on agar or fluid culture is made to check the states of the spores. Just spores that sprout are delivered as a print.

Store the Ecuadorian Spore print refrigerated between 2*C-8*C Celsius or 35*F-46*F Fahrenheit. A mushroom spore print can be put away for quite a long time.

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